Below we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

1) How do we become a member as an supplier? Is the website free of charge?

Step 1:
To become a member you must complete this form: https://www.compare-offers.com/add-your-company.

Step 2:
Once we have assessed that your company is suitable for the purpose of the website (selling industrial spare parts), you will be integrated into the Compare-offers.com enquiry form. That means, every time a buyer fills in the enquiry form, your company will receive a notification via email and on your Compare-offers.com account. So, you will see details of the enquiry and it is up to you whether you would like to reply or not.

Step 3:
If you decide to respond to the submitted enquiry with an offer (you will see all information about the enquiry, but not the details of the buyer) you can enter your data in the offer form. After you complete your offer form it will be sent to the potential buyer via their Compare-offers.com account.

Step 4:
If the buyer chooses your offer from all that are submitted (they can only choose one), you will get a new notification informing you that you are their chosen supplier.

Step 5:
Compare-offers.com will charge you 3.5%* on the amount you have stated on your offer form (on the net price, without tax on your product). When this amount is paid, you will receive the buyer details so you can ship your product.
*special 50% discount on the commission for early adopters.


2) Do we need to pay commission on enquiries that do not result in a sale?

No, you do not pay anything to receive enquiries. You only pay on completed orders.


3) How do we know whether we have made a deal with a buyer or not?

The buyer will confirm your offer via their Compare-offers.com account and then it will become an order.