First round of promotion

The web portal (search engine for the best industrial spare parts) is happy to announce, that our first round of promotion was very successful, leading to a number of potential suppliers, with more than a 20% open rate and one successful partnership.
We would like to welcome our first our first supplier, Optek d.o.o. They are the largest and longest running refurbishment company in Slovenia with a full range of new and refurbished mechanical seals. Next month we will start representing their offers to interested buyers using our modern, simple and fast approach to serving customers’ needs in today’s complicated spare part market. By co-operating with their potential customer base will expand to the global market. They are very excited about increasing their effectiveness and price performance with our modern digital marketing solution, compared to the classic marketing approach.

We are striving to add more suppliers, in order to expand our digital spare parts market. You can add your company to by following this link: It takes just 5 minutes to register on our portal, but it can launch your company into the stratosphere forever!

Kind regards,
Your Compare-offers team