Compare-offers strategy

We would like to inform you of our strategy for the near future. Due to the fact, that the spare parts industry covers a wide range of products we decided to start on one sector: mechanical seals. As a result, we are currently only inviting collaboration from manufacturers of mechanical seals. Within the mechanical seals sector there are of course a number of subcategories like o-rings from different materials like EPDM, NBR, VITON, FEP, KALREZ, cuffs also made from different materials like NBR, EPDM, VITON, bubble gaskets, masts, all types of springs, bolts, custom made products from TEFLON and many more.

We plan to organically expand our range of products in the near future and will offer the best buying experience for both you and your clients. For example, with our web platform, users will be able to send requests based on a technical pictures and data about the products. We will take this information and find them the best possible offers to match their specific request. Lastly, at this early stage we will only be selling spare parts for the machine industry, but are aware that this is quite a specific sector.

For now, we are inviting and selecting suppliers. During the second phase we will contact about 12,000 customers from our large pool of potential buyers. We want to be on the radar of maintenance personnel because once we have their trust we will be able to source other products used in their everyday work.

Our goal is to be the first choice for maintenance personnel when they are shopping for spare parts by allowing them to compare prices and delivery dates as quickly as possible, saving them time and energy.

So, please join us on here or send us an email to It takes just 5 minutes to register on our portal and reach a potential market of 12,000 new buyers.